Letgo App

Design Brief
Letgo app re-designed address its pain points. Original Letgo was an app that offered users to sell things they do not need to nearby locals. App has problems regarding its lack of focus on target audience, saturated market with similar apps, and poor content quality.

In the new design, items are separated into four different categories. Clear differentiation between each categories helps narrow down the target audience. 

Object that tells the story or event at certain location

Object that retells the story of your life

Object that highlights your friends and family

Object that captures your tradition and culture

To distinguish the app from other similar apps, new design focuses on passing away the important items to someone else who will appreciate and care for it. Allowing users to relinquishing their dear objects separates the Letgo app from other market place app.  

Content quality issue rised from poor quality of photos users uploaded to sell the item, so to solve the problem new app requires stories to attach with the items instead of photos. In turn app generates unique content not available anywhere else and creates special connection between the seller and the buyer.